Romantic Venice all year round!

The most romantic city in the world, not only on Saint Valentine’s Day, but all year round. Venice with its canals, maze of narrow streets, breathtaking landscapes, silence, mist that sometimes surround it,

Venice has always been home to lovers. City for wonderful hidden kisses or promises of eternal love. No marvelling one of its most illustrious citizens is  Giacomo Casanova, a libertine spirit, born in Calle Malipiero near Palazzo Grassi, you can seek his commemorative plaque, expression and symbol of the eighteenth century. He seduced noblewomen, courtesans, ladies and servants, with his daring behaviour. Philosopher, alchemist, secret agent ante litteram, all his most significant events are narrated in his autobiographical memoirs.

Last year the Casanova Museum & Experience was inaugurated at Palazzo Pesaro Papafava to give a chance to visitors to re-experience that particular period. You will be set into a story of images and technology, enjoying the atmosphere, the sounds and the costumes that Casanova has lived through. (

Among the famous historical sites you cannot miss the walk to Piazza San Marco, defined as the most beautiful lounge in the world, discovering the treasures of the San Marco altarpiece or climbing up to the bell tower to enjoy a unique view of the entire lagoon.

Sunset in spring or in September, means walking hand in hand to the Zattere area straight up to the Punta della Dogana or stopping at one of the bars facing the shore and looking across the Giudecca Canal.

First prize for the most romantic bookshop in the world certainly goes to Acqua Alta, a shop where the volumes instead of filling the traditional shelves to be preserved from the phenomenon of “high water” are placed into gondolas, boats, buckets and bathtubs while the many  owner’s cats run undisturbed and ready to receive cuddles.

Among all a treasure chest too where you can discover outdated love poems or rare erotic books.

Of course you cannot miss a food and wine tour. Nothing better  to live the most authentic Venezia, tasting with no rush the “cicchetti” accompanied by a “shadow” of wine in the characteristic Bacari or for more refined dinners, choose among the restaurants at the highest level that the Serenissima offers, without forgetting to taste Chocolate just as  Casanova used to which can still be served at the Caffè Florian in Piazza San Marco.

However, there is nothing better than a relaxing gondola ride  with your partner, enjoying Venice outside the crowds of tourists,  and while it slides gently between the most hidden canals and forbidden to the crowd, you can breathe the thousand year-old beauty of this incredible city!