VENICE      5 – 15      SEPTEMBER      2019

Local Organizing Committee


President: Mr. Vito Vittorio

It is a reason of real satisfaction to have been asked to organize the European Masters Athletics Championships on track during 2019. This is unanimously considered the most participated and joyful sporting event in Europe, an authentic sporting party, and  Athletics in particular. Eleven days of competitions and festivals in which in the well-known tourist Resorts of Jesolo, Caorle, Eraclea the over ‘35 athletes, coming from all over Europe, will compete in races, jumps and throws, with the strength of their conscious talent, but also with joy to be able to meet other athletes belonging to different countries and cultures. The engaging enthusiasm of the Master Athletes, which well represents the authentic spirit and the ethical value of our beautiful sporting discipline, is the real reason for the appeal and the interest of the event. In my capacity as Organizational Coordinator of this important event I would like to express my most heartfelt thanks to the European Masters Athletic and the Italian Athletics Federation for the confidence shown by the organization of the European Athletics Masters Championships on track 2019. The same sincere thanks goes to the Mayors and Municipal administrations of Jesolo, Caorle and Eraclea, to the Metropolitan City of Venice and the Veneto Region which, with their support, wanted to reaffirm and strengthen the commitment to give continuity to the common project of valorisation of the Athletics  and beautiful Venetian coast, with a willingness and a commitment that demonstrate the interest and closeness that the entire Veneto Region and these Resorts in particular have always been for Athletics. I thank all the entrepreneurs and operators of the Cities involved and those who, for various reasons, wanted to support the event, without which we could hardly have followed this “idea”. Furthermore, I can not fail to express warm, sincere gratitude to the hundreds of judges and volunteers who with generosity, enthusiasm and commitment contribute to the success of the event.

Welcome to Italy, to the  Veneto Region, to the Metropolitan City of Venice and the well-known tourist resorts of Jesolo, Caorle and Eraclea, to all athletes, their families and their partners, coming from the 51 Countries belonging to the EMA and, to those who will try in the races, a sincere and warm: good luck!

Vito Vittorio

Organizational Coordinator of the L.O.C.

Vice President
Ennio Valiante

Moreno Beggio

Raffaella Bortoletto

Galdino Minotto

Renato Nani

Gilberto Sartorato

Incoming Dept. Resp.
Linda Interlandi