VENICE      5 – 15      SEPTEMBER      2019


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Welcome to Eraclea

I would like to convey my greetings to all the athletes that will and will not participate in the Emac 2019 and to welcome them to this beautiful locality that will surely charm you for its naturalistic vocation and for the vivid witness of the still rooted traditions.

This territory is particularly appreciated both by tourists and sport lovers for the evocative landscapes it offers and for the wide range of possibilities to play sports in the heart of the green pine forest, also called Pineta.

Eraclea Mare’s Pineta -also known as the green pearl or Perla Verde of the Adriatic Sea- is one of the coastline’s widest pine forests. It is the front door to our crystal-clear sea, where tourists will be able to enjoy the sun and the quietness on the golden sand.

Eraclea’s touristic seashore -particularly appreciated by those who seek a quiet holiday, far away from the hectic pace of the world’s most fashionable beaches- offers shady rest areas, kiosks, beach services and several entertainment activities.

The receptivity is granted by Hotels, Guesthouses, tourist resorts, Camping and also by apartments and detached houses. Likewise, the “bungalows” are very typical and peculiar since most of them are located in the very middle of the Pineta.

Restaurant and store owners will conquer you with lots of local oeno-gastronomical delights.

The territory, where one can still see the decontamination work, is particularly rich from a naturalistic point of view.

The Laguna del Mort, a community site of interest on the right of the Mariclea dock and a start point for recreational craft sports activities, is a unique heritage with lots of itineraries in the Pineta’s lush greenery.

Going through the Laguna del Mort’s itineraries one can get to the Piave river’s estuary to admire the still present huts and to do some birdwatching.

Following the Piave river you can observe the typical river landscape with huge fishing nets called Bilancioni, operated from the inside of the small fishing huts.

The internal waterways are a valid alternative for taking a trip to the hinterland and getting closer to the surrounding municipalities. The Venetian coast- which in Eraclea goes along the Revedoli river- permits to arrive in Caorle and to continue until Trieste, while, on the opposite direction, one can get to Venice.

Our hinterland- characterized by the countryside- offers several bicycle routes that permit to observe the human intervention that has enhanced the stunning lagoon during the years. Today, you can observe everywhere the typical local channeling -characterized by locks and pumping stations- a linear and neat landscape with agricultural holdings and farmhouses.

In order to protect the important naturalistic aspects that characterize this locality, the Municipality is committed to obtain environmental certifications such as Emas and Iso 14001, that guarantee to all the guests high quality standards concerning both the services and the respect of the environment.

As regards the sea, the City of Eraclea, since 2007, is awarded with the renowned Blue Flag beach, an eco-label certification given to the touristic sea areas that stand out for their high environmental and quality standards.

In Eraclea, every visitor will be impressed by the unspoiled beauty of its territory, marked by a simple life that leads to taste the experience of a slow tourism, punctuated by the nature’s rhythms.


Dott. Giuseppe Vivola
Special Commissioner – City of Eraclea


Immersed in a natural oasis, Eraclea is one of the most requested resorts for those seeking relaxation to enjoy the sun or water sports. Far from the overcrowding of the great tourist destinations, Eraclea boasts a beautiful and uncontaminated beach characterized by dunes and an ancient pine forest. There is an athletics facility with a six lane track, equipped with large adjacent areas for warm-up. The stadium of Eraclea is about 12 kilometers from Caorle and 10 from Jesolo, thus representing an “intermediate” plant to support the other two. The grandstand can accommodate 1,500 people.

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