The European Masters Athletics’ managers, guided by the president Kurt Kaschke, have arrived in the Venetian coast to visit the stadiums and facilities of Jesolo, Caorle and Eraclea that from the 5th to the 15th of September will host the continental athletics event.

Jesolo (Venice), 3 may 2019 – An EMA’s delegation is visiting the facilities of Jesolo, Caorle and Eraclea that will host the European Masters Athletics Championships from the 5th to the 15th of September 2019.

The European Masters Athletics managers, who will sponsor the prestigious continental “over 35” event, have met the summits of the local organizing committee, guided by Vito Vittorio and Moreno Beggio, and the representatives of the municipalities interested by the event. Esterina Idra, Giuseppe Boatto (the sports assessors of the municipality of Jesolo and Caorle respectively) and Lorenzo Ghirardo (the public works manager) also spoke during the meeting.

The EMA’s delegation -guided by the president Kurt Kaschke and which also comprises the team managers of some of the nations that will participate in the European Masters Campionships- has visited the competition and service facilities, making very positive judgments on the organizing situation of the event, four months from the start.

The EMA’s managers also appreciated the organizing committee’s decision to open the street competitions to the participation of athletes who are not enrolled in the European Masters Championships: on the 8th of September, in Caorle, there will be the Nordic Walking Challenge, a new thing for the continental event’s technical schedule, dedicated to the lovers of Nordic walking. While Jesolo, on September 15th, will host the half marathon and the 10 km competition, starting from Piazza Milano.

These three events will be open to all members and possessors of the Runcard, like in a normal federal competition. You can already sign up in the European Masters Championships’ official website called, by clicking on “Openraces”.

On the same website you can find a platform for booking your accommodation, that guarantees to all athletes several facilitations. Any example? The possibility to confirm your participation to the competition directly from your laptop, tablet or smartphone; lots of reductions for the extra-urban transports (while urban transports in Jesolo and Caorle will be completely free and will take into consideration the official tourist accommodations’ location); the availability of tour packages at a subsidized cost.

The European Masters Athletics Championships- that have arrived to their 21st edition- will have impressive numbers: more than 12 thousand competitors are expected to arrive in the Venetian coast. To this number, we will also have to add all managers, technicians, partners and family members; almost 500 titles at stake in the different categories.

Italy will host the European Masters Athletics Championships for the fourth time, after Viareggio (1978), Verona (1988) and Cesenatico (1998): The very first edition of the continental master event, forty years ago in Viareggio, had just about one thousand participants. Since then, the event has enormously grown in terms of participation, and has now a precise collocation in the international athletics’ calendar (every two years, in the odd seasons). In Jesolo, Carole and Eraclea the countdown has already started.