“Going to BACARI…”

Enjoy the most authentic Venice! The Bacari are the typical taverns where you can taste the best of local gastronomy. The best way to do this is to taste the “Cicheti”, a sort of Venetian tapas accompanied by a Ombra of Wine (literally a shadow). In this way you can indulge yourself among the classics of the lagoon culinary tradition, from ‘sardelle in saor’ to ‘fried cod’, passing to anchovies, octopus, small squares of polenta with creamed cod, slices of soppressa. At the etymological level the term “Bàcaro” derives from the wine sellers, the Bacari which granted their name to an ancient Venetian dialectal expression, “far bàcara”, means to celebrate in the name of Bacchus, while “Cicheti” derives from the Latin “ciccus” which means small or modest quantities: Shadow instead comes from the Venetian tradition to call the glass “shadow” because in ancient times the wine vendors placed the stalls in the shade of the bell tower of San Marco to keep the wine cool. They say “to go for shadows”, when you want to indicate the ritual of the mid/late-morning snack. Widespread among streets and small squares, the Bacari are still today one of the most pristine venetian places for any tourist coming for the first time, or returns to Venice….. they are a must to put on your bucket list!!